Everything you Need in a Server, Minus the Big Price Tag.

OS X Server turns a Mac Pro or Mac Mini into a powerhouse collaboration center allowing your team to work together efficiently and effectively. Our OS X Server Experts will get your Server installed, users and groups created, share points setup, activate and configure services, and train you on how to get the most out of OS X Server. Our consultants have been working with OS X Server since the beginning and not only understand the technical aspects of setup, but the workflow and process aspects that will allow your business to organize, mobilize and capitalize.

Centralize and Organize Documents using File Sharing.

The number one reason that businesses use a server is for File Sharing. OS X Server is great for sharing files to Macs, iPhones and iPads and PCs too. Shared folders can be created for different groups to organize your business data into logical containers, like sales, accounting and creative. This allows you to control what data is available to who, allowing access to some groups while denying access to others. File Sharing eliminates the need to email documents back and forth, and resolves any confusion related to duplicated or different files.

Restore Documents or Complete Systems to an Earlier Version using Time Machine Backup.

Turn your Server into a Time Machine backup location to backup all your Macs to a directly attached storage device. The Server itself also backs up to Time Machine so its easy to restore to a new Server or retrieve documents and settings as they were in the past. Time Machine Server is a great piece of a solid backup solution.

Access Web Based Collaboration using Wiki Server.

OS X Server provides an excellent Wiki Server giving your team a web based collaboration tool. Wiki’s can be created and edited by team members to share info, documents, pictures, movies, and more. It’s a great way to go beyond traditional file sharing. iOS Devices can access and edit Wiki pages too, making it a perfect way to deliver data to a mobile workforce.

Streamline Contacts, Shared Calendars and Email Effortlessly.

The built-in features of Contact, Calendar and Email server in OS X Server make scheduling and contact sharing a breeze. While this is possible with Server, we usually recommend that these mission critical services are hosted in an environment that has redundant Internet and power connections and an on site 24/7 IT staff.

Secure you Data during Transition with a Built-in VPN Server.

OS X Server has a built in VPN server to provide L2TP and PPTP VPN connections to your mobile employees. The VPN tunnel creates an encrypted virtual private network making sure your data is secure in transmission from laptops or iOS devices.

OS X Server is a easy and inexpensive way to add secure file sharing and collaboration services to your organization. Contact us today to find out how our OS X Server experts can get your business rolling with this great Server software.

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