Computer Networks are a core component of every modern business. The Internet is a key resource for every kind of business, providing a wealth of knowledge, the ability to communicate quickly and effectively and access services that propel the best businesses. Mazaroth IT Solutions addresses every part of your network, from choosing the best Internet provider, gateway firewall and security services, secure VPN access, fast internal network switches and robust Wi Fi solutions.

Hard-Wired Offices.

Ethernet network solutions provide fast, stable and direct access to your network and Internet resources. We’ll get your offices setup with wired networks providing gigabit ( 1000 mbps ) speeds for fast file access from your servers to your workstations, which is vital in creative environments where large files are the norm.

Wi-Fi for Every Environment.

Our wireless network solutions combine the best of today’s hardware and services to bring you secure and fast wireless networking. Your home or home office will benefit from the excellent and affordable technology in Apple’s Airport Extreme and Express products. Our enterprise grade Aerohive solutions give businesses, schools and medical facilities the security and privacy needed to meet requirements at a lower cost than other enterprise Wi-Fi products.

Network Security Solutions.

Every business should be aware of the threats of viruses, trojans and spam, and should be prepared to fight them using gateway firewalls that incorporate security services. Our SonicWALL based network solutions provide strong security at a great price. Protect your business from threats and also enable content filtering and app control to keep employees on task, and your network bandwidth in check.

VPN Access.

The best way to securely connect your remote users and offices to your network is through a VPN. The Bonjour Gateway feature in Aerohive network technology gives you the ability to print between branches securely. If you’re serious about maintaining your security and privacy, deploying a VPN solution to your employees is the best way. Our VPN solutions make it easy to connect laptops, iOS devices and branch offices.

Contact us today to discuss how we can build a strong, secure and fast network solution for you.

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