Proactive and Cost Effective Managed Services.

Our Pro Support managed services model is proactive, constantly monitoring, updating and maintaining your systems remotely to keep them healthy and productive. Your Macs are securely connected to our professional Mac management framework which allows us to perform management tasks during non-business hours. If your Macs are there to have employees being productive and making money, the last thing you want is down time. That costly down time can come in the form of a misbehaving machine, an employee twiddling their thumbs while software updates or even a tech consultant sitting at the keyboard troubleshooting or maintaining a computer. Mazaroth Pro Support managed services is designed to get out of the way while keeping everything working smoothly at a fraction of the cost of onsite tech support.

Your Software is Always Up to Date.

Staying up to date on software updates is the best way to make sure a computer is well maintained. Apple and other software developers consistently release software to add features, remove bugs and make sure that applications work well together. Unfortunately, checking for software updates, downloading and installing updates, and restarting computers can be a time consuming process – especially when you have more than one or two computers. Besides, many organizations don’t want to give administrator rights to employees, and shouldn’t you or your employees be focused on driving your objectives forward instead of maintaining a computer? We will handle testing and installing the latest Apple Software Updates and most of the popular third party productivity apps like Microsoft Office.

Your Computers are Maintained.

The Mazaroth Pro Support managed services framework allows us to create maintenance policies tailored to your specific organization. Maintenance policies include generally accepted practices such as:

  • Repairing Disk Permissions
  • Flushing User Caches
  • Flushing System Caches
  • Rebooting Computers
In some cases we can extend the maintenance to include:
  • Ensuring certain User Accounts have the Correct Passwords
  • Setting Firmware Passwords
  • Clearing Application Caches ( Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Font Database, Extensis Suitcase plist files, etc. )

We Monitor Your Computer Health and Network Services.

We’ll monitor the critical parts of your computers and receive alerts on problems like S.M.A.R.T hard disk errors, boot volume or “Time Machine volume full”, RAM errors. We also watch your backup status to make sure your Time Machine and CrashPlan Pro backups are working correctly. If your organization has email, web or other services running on a server, we can add probes to be sure that those services are always running and that we are alerted if there is a problem so we can respond quickly.

We Provide an Easy Access Help Desk for Your Employees.

Sometimes you just need an answer to a question or a quick bit of troubleshooting. Our Pro Support clients get a pool of time with their purchase that employees can use for just such a moment. We ask that requests are sent using the support help desk system or by sending email to

We Save you Time, Money and Keep You Free from Headaches.

We’ve designed Pro Support Mac Managed Services to be the best combination of support at the lowest cost to give your organization the biggest benefit. We are constantly looking for ways to provide more for less and to be your trusted partner in IT support.

Let’s get Started.

Contact us today to get a quote for your Mazaroth Pro Support Mac Managed Services.

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