Bringing you the Absolute Best in Mac OS X Support.

Our certified Apple support technicians have been providing Mac OS X Support for over a decade. With Mac OS X, you get a fully integrated system in which everything works together perfectly. Macs come loaded with great applications right out of the box, and we know how to support all of them.

Installation and Upgrades.

If you just got a new Mac and need help setting it up and fine tuning to your needs, we can help. We can also assist in upgrading your existing Mac’s hardware or operating system to improve efficiency. Mazaroth IT Solutions Mac OS X Support techs can perform new office setups, install new hard drives to increase capacity, add RAM to speed up your Mac and more. We do it quickly, efficiently and with a smile on our face.

Application Recommendations, Installation and Support.

Today’s excellent Mac OS X applications can empower businesses and individuals to create amazing presentation materials, documents, spreadsheets and videos. Applications like Daylite give your business the edge by providing excellent customer relationship management and project management tools. Our customers are building amazing retail environments with LightSpeed. Talk to us today to find out about great Mac Apps that make a big difference in your business.

Maintenance and Monitoring.

Like all computers, Macs require regular updating for their OS Software and applications to make sure everything is running smooth. In addition to that, it’s important to run maintenance utilities to keep file permissions in check. Our Mac OS X support experts know exactly what it takes to make sure your Macs are running at top performance.


Sometimes even the best Macs have bad days. When your Mac is misbehaving we can diagnose and correct most issues instantly. Having the right tools and knowledge is paramount to a quick fix. Contact us now if you need help with a broken or unruly Mac.

Backup and Recovery.

Mac OS X has excellent built in backup software with Time Machine. It’s very easy to setup and can be done in a couple of clicks. But when you need a more comprehensive backup or disaster recovery plan, we are there to help. Organizations with large amounts of data will also want a clone of live data in place so if there is a problem with the original storage media you can have access to your data without waiting for hours as the backup data is restored.

Secure Removal of Data.

We can help when you’re ready to retire an old Mac and want to make sure that your sensitive data is not retained on the hard drive.

Contact us today to discuss our excellent Mac OS X Support solutions.

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