Daylite, from Marketcircle software is the premier business productivity management software for the Apple Mac Platform. Its fantastic user interface helps you keep all of your business components front and center allowing you to focus on moving ahead. Daylite can be used to manage your contacts, calendars, tasks, projects, email and more. It allows you to link them all together to get a complete view, all in one place. Learn more about Daylite at Marketcircle’s website. The program can be used in a single user mode or for teams of 2-50. It is an excellent tool for tracking projects and delegating tasks to all of the members involved in that project.

Mazaroth IT Solutions will help you plan your hardware requirements, get your network prepared, and install the server and client software on your computers, iPhones and iPads. When the system is up and running our consultants will customize the application to your specific business and train your users so you are being productive instantly. Contact us today to discuss how Daylite can propel your business forward.

Daylite for Mac.

Mac Based Productivity Software

Daylite Touch.

Daylite Touch is an excellent iOS app for iPhones and iPads and a companion to Daylite on the Mac. Daylite Touch lets your employees access contacts, calendars, tasks and all your critical business information out of the office. Delegate tasks and invite employees to meetings and they’ll be notified wherever they are. Check the progress of your projects and hand off a new sales lead to a co-worker from anywhere in the world. As with any mobile device security is always a concern. Daylite server also gives the ability to remotely wipe or remove a database from a mobile device should it be lost or stolen.

Transitioning from ACT!

Daylite can also import data from ACT! databases. So if you currently running ACT! as your CRM and want to switch to the Mac Platform we can assist you with that transition.

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