Data Storage Designed for your Growing Needs.

These days its easy to collect terabytes of data. And with display resolutions only getting bigger, photos and video file size will also increase. Don’t run out of space when you need it the most. Our Data Storage solutions bring the best of today’s incredibly fast RAID Data Storage Devices and hard drives together to give you the storage space you need.

Our Data Storage and Backup Philosophy.

We believe that your data should be in 3 places at all times to be considered safe.
Data should be stored:

  • On a RAID¬†storage device as the primary copy.
  • Backed up or cloned onto an onsite direct attached hard drive as a secondary copy.
  • Stored¬†with an offsite or cloud backup provider.

RAID Storage Devices.

RAID 5 Storage Devices provide terabytes of storage in protected redundant arrays. The benefit of RAID 5 is that data is distributed across disks and protected from a single disk failure. There are many flavors of RAID, and we suggest RAID 5 in most cases for its combination of protection and read/write speed benefits. Our favorite RAID Storage enclosures include the Wiebetech RTX400-QR eSATA and Promise Pegasus RT units with Thunderbolt connections, enabling an extremely fast connection between the RAID unit and the server or computer.

Directly Attached Backup Drive.

The second location for data security is the directly attached backup drive. This can be a Time Machine backup destination or clone of the original data. Time Machine is easy to use and holds historical “snapshots” of data allowing you to find and retrieve files as they were in the past. Cloning a drive is useful when there is large amounts of data that would take many hours to restore. Cloning can be setup to save archives of historical data, but not to the level that Time Machine does.

Offsite Backup Solutions.

The third location for data is in the Cloud, a backup hosted by a offsite backup provider. Having offsite data prevents data loss from theft or fire. Just remember that because the data is going over the Internet, it can take a very long time to get the first complete backup. It also takes longer to restore files than the onsite directly attached backup drive.

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