Providing Outstanding Service and Support is Our Mission.

At Mazaroth IT Solutions, fulfilling our clients needs to their satisfaction is our first priority. It’s our mission to deliver to outstanding service and support to each and every client by listening to their needs and developing solutions that propel their business.

We enjoy working with clients who understand that having the right hardware, software and services are crucial to running a successful business. Clients who want their business, productivity and tech life to be the absolute best it can be. Most of our clients already use Apple technology in their business or would like to convert from a Windows environment. We translate the “geek-speak” so everyone can understand and avoid confusing our clients with “techno-babble”.

Mazaroth IT Solutions, Inc. works with a huge variety of business, large and small. Creative Agencies, Lawyers, Doctors, Scientists, Real Estate Investors/Brokers and Entertainers to name a few. While they may be very different in what they do, they all share the same basic business needs. Over time we have identified what we call “Core Business Functions” that exist in virtually every type of business. These are the vital factors that each company needs to have in place in order to be successful. Things like a great email platform, strong wired or wireless network, fast and organized file sharing, secure mobile devices and remote access to data just to name a few.

Our Clients know that if their Office Systems aren’t Working when it Costs them Time and Money.

Typically when we are contacted it’s because:

  • Someone has just made a purchase at the Apple Store and needs help setting it all up and making it work.
  • Someone is looking for a system to “tame the chaos” and bring some order to their workflow and process.
  • Someone needs to deploy a strong, robust and secure Wi-Fi network in their offices or warehouse.
  • They’re a creative agency who’s current storage can’t handle today’s larger file sizes and demands.
  • Someone realizes that their time is better spent on their business than spending the weekend updating and maintaining their computers.
  • They’re retailers who want to harness the ease of use and “cool” factor of using iPads and Macs in their shops.

Our clients are successful, forward thinkers who are ready to build on that success using the right technology solutions. Every day more businesses are choosing to use Macs, iPhones and iPads for a better user experience, better security and their ability to integrate well into all types of environments. Let us be your trusted partner and service provider.

Contact us today to speak to a certified, experienced service and support provider.

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